March 8, 2007

let's talk cars

One big thing on my mind these days is the car issue. I would love to have a low emission vehicle. However, I also need lots of space for multiple car seats and carpooling. One of my first projects here will be to research this in depth. Hybrid 7 passenger options? Maybe a smaller car with better mileage? What about bio diesel? I know many families that would welcome the option of a low mileage, low emission, family vehicle.

It seems ironic that one key reason I need space is for carpooling. Is it better to carpool in my lame gas mileage car or to have 2 better mileage cars schlepping across the city? Hmm. So many questions.


Lisa B said...

Do you want other people to know about your site? If so, I can put it on my blog b/c I know quite a few new moms.

mom go green said...

of course you can tell people about it! it would be great if you link it to your blog. thanks! guess i better get busy with content . . .