March 16, 2007

hope for better mileage

My car had to go in for scheduled service today. I am hoping that some of the things the dealer adjusted will improve the mileage situation. I didn't ask them to do these things for that reason. Rather, as I was describing some little issues to the service technician, he told me that it could effect my mileage. Let's hope he's right! They adjusted my alignment, filled my tires with air, and cleaned an engine filter. I'm not expecting 30 mpg, mind you.

The guy told me that alignment being off just by a sliver (1/4" or so) could produce poor mileage. He also said I should be checking my tire pressure every 30 days to keep them optimumly inflated. Who knew?

I decided to look online and see what other nifty tips there might be to improve mpg. Unfortunately, it seems that a calmer driving style might help also.

Popular suggestions are: remove excess weight (even 50-100 lbs can make a difference), schedule trips to avoid traffic delays, use a good engine oil (can improve up to 12%), use cruise control when possible, keep highway speed to 55, avoid quick starts, avoid increasing speeds when already climbing a hill, and remove accesories that reduce the aerodynamics of your vehicle (like luggage racks).

At least we can still turn on the radio!
Wish me luck.

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